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UX | UI | Frontend development

Photography BY Louise jessen

Photography By Louise Jessen is specialized in creating elegant, magical and esthetic portraits of pregnant – and non pregnant woman. She focuses on create a great experience for her customers with their wishes and goals as main focus.


Photography By Louise Jessen


UX/UI-Designer &
Frontend Developer


Brand webiste


6 Months

Project overview


The problem for the project


Understanding the user


The design process


Final solution and thoughts


01. the problem

Photography By Louise Jessen needed a brand site, that could pull the potential customers into her universe with magical and elegants maternity and portrait photography. Her existing sites did not showcase the work and the customers experience, that she provide though her booked sessions.



02. Understand the user

The company has two main user groups for the website which are mainly the people that are pregnant who want to book a magical photosession, who already know the work and the universe from social media. The second user group are woman that are not familiar with the magical univers and are in the childbearing age, they are yet to be drawn into the universe of magical and elegant photosessions. 


Primary users are pregnant woman


Secondary users are woman within the childbearing age

03. the design process


Value Proporsition

Before i began to design and develop the site i made a Value Proposition to understand why the users would choose Photography By Louise Jessen to capture their memories. The belonging image shows the pains and gains for the customers and what the potential customer wanted to achieve. 

This is based out of interviews and talks with existing customers and potential customers, that might want to book a maternity session whenever they get to that point in their life. 

Brand identity

Next step in the process i choose to define the brand identity to get a better understanding what kind of design and vibe the website should provide for customers. 


The company already had a beautiful designed logo, that fit into the brand so well and symbolized the identity.

Slogan and Brand words

To better give the whole feeling of the brand a specific identity. I looked into what people felt that the brand symbolized, which was mainly the same words that the brand itself identified itself with.
I compared the words from the research with which words the brand identified with the most repeated keywords: Fairytale, Luxury, Elegant, Experience, Aesthetic & Feminine. 

With this i made a slogan for the brand to tell customers and potential customers, what they can expect by choosing Photography By Louise Jessen; “Embrace your inner glow!”


The choice of fonts for the brand was split into the font family Open sans, which included the bold version for sub headlines and light for body text, this font was chosen because it functional very good on screens, it is readable and also works perfect for smalls screens and since alot of people would visit the site from a social media link, many people will view the site in mobile version.

Color Palette

The color palette is made out of the the images from the photography brand itself, it is earthy with a key color red, with symbolized love, passion and courage which fit perfectly for the brand. Also, the brand uses alot of red dresses for the maternity clients, which also made red a perfect color for the palette as CTA/highlight color.  


Informations Architecture

When designing the informations architecture of the sites it had to be very lightweight. I got designed that the main level of navigation, should contain the core need informationen for the customer to easily navigate to the area, they needed.

Instead of splittet it into a gallery navigation that with belonging sub galleries. I choose to evaualte that the business only sell to kind of photo sessions and therefore it should appear directly in the menu to minimize the click to view the needed section of maternity or mommy and me portraits. 

Mood board

I made a moodboard based on the brand identity and wishes for the website, to better illustrate which areas and design choices that has to be made for the UI-Design. 

The moodboard takes in consideration of the keywords in the brandidentity to ensure the consistency in the brand. 

04. solution & thoughts

The final solution ended up with a custom made website based on the moodboard and brand identity for the company. It shows a site that is elegant, simple, minimalistic and where the images was the design elements that everything is centered around, so the users are drawn into the universe of Photography By Louise Jessen.